Using the (single-player) world creation GUI Edit

OTG adds a new in game UI allowing simpler single player world creation and multiple worlds with the same preset:
World settings (top right): A list of installed presets with delete (X) buttons (this deletes the world preset, not the world, be careful!) as well as scroll (< & >) buttons to allow world creation using any installed preset at any time.

Clone: Clone the selected world preset and rename it (for generating multiple worlds with the same preset)

New: Create a new set of 'default' config files in the /OpenTerrainGenerator/worlds folder

World Name: The name of the preset you have selected from the right hand menu.

Pre-generator radius: Initialise the map pre-generator at world start (see below for more details)

World border radius: Set the world border radius

Using the map pre-generator Edit

OTG contains a built in map pre-generator which allows you to generate chunks in a radius around spawn, eliminating world generation related lag. It's recommended that you pre-generate while not actively playing as running the pregenerator is intensive especially at high speeds (check OTG.ini for speed settings).

Single Player: Type /otg pregen x into chat (where x is the radius in chunks around spawn you want to pregenerate). If you want to stop the command use the same command again with 0 radius, to resume repeat the command again with your desired radius.

Multiplayer: Type the same as above into the server console without the /

Console Commands Edit

Command Description
/otg Show help info
/otg worldinfo Show author and description information for this world
/otg biome (-f, -s, -d, -m) Show biome information for the biome at the player's coordinates
/otg tp ID\Name Teleports the player to the specified biome ID or Name
/otg entities Show a list of entities that can be spawned inside BO3's using the Entity() tag
/otg pregenerator <radius> Sets the pre-generation radius to <radius> chunks. Same as /otg pregen <radius>
/otg dimension Shows the name and id of the dimension the player is currently in. Same as /otg dim
/otg dimension -l Shows a list of all dimensions. Same as /otg dim -l.
/otg dimension -c <dimensions name> <dimension name> Creates a dimension using world and biome configs from mods/OpenTerrainGenerator/worlds/<dimension name>. Custom dimensions can be accessed via a quartz portal. Biome names must be unique across dimensions. Same as /otg dim -c <dimension name>
/otg dimension -d <dimension name> Deletes the specified dimension. Dimension must be unloaded (dimensions unload automatically when no players are inside, this may take a minute). Same as /otg dim -d <dimension name>
Spigot only
/otg map <world name> Generate a biome and temperature map in the server's root of the specified <world name>
/otg reload Reload the configuration settings
/otg spawn Spawns a custom object at the block you are looking at Currently not working


  • Generate a set of default world configs and check out OpenTerrainGenerator.ini and each world's WorldConfig.ini, comments and explanations of each setting are contained within the files.
  • When using the pre-generator in single player open the chat window so you can background MC without pausing the game.