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-- WorldConfig --

# You need to register your custom biomes here. This setting will make Terrain Control

# generate setting files for them. However, it won't place them in the world automatically.

# See the settings for your BiomeMode below on how to add them to the world.

# Syntax: CustomBiomes:BiomeName:id[,AnotherBiomeName:id[,...]]

# Example: CustomBiomes:TestBiome1:30,BiomeTest2:31

# This will add two biomes and generate the BiomeConfigs for them.

# All changes here need a server restart.

# Due to the way Mojang's loading code works, all biome ids need to be unique

# on the server. If you don't do this, the client will display the biomes just fine,

# but the server can think it is another biome with the same id. This will cause saplings,

# snowfall and mobs to work as in the other biome.

# The available ids range from 0 to 1023 and the ids 0-39 and 129-167 are taken by vanilla.

# The ids 256-1023 cannot be saved to the map files, so use ReplaceToBiomeName in that biome.

CustomBiomes: The Void:127